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KaapiKaapi's Espresso Sierra premium blend of roasted coffee beans comes from far-flung areas of South America, East Africa, and South India. Medium light roasted. Drum roasted in small batches.

This blend combines exotic Arabica beans with high-quality Robusta to make it stand out in milk. This coffee is rich and creamy, with notes of almond, milk chocolate, and berries.

It can be used with either milk or black. It also tastes great with soya and almond milk.

Delivered to your doorstep, a new blend of the Hills district in Sydney. For now, available in 1kg

Sierra Espresso blend is specifically formulated for cafes. KaapiKaapi can now be sold in select cafes as well as to wholesale customers' venues in Sydney.

All batches are roasted in Sydney at a HACCP approved facility. Expertly Crafted. Carefully Roasted. Veteran Master Roaster whose blends helped to win the world barista championship (names withheld for privacy reasons).

Customers with Stovetops and Aeropress have enjoyed our espresso blends with very positive feedback.

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