Ethereum miners overtook their "colleagues" from the bitcoin community in terms of income

According to The Block, in April, Bitcoin miners earned $1.16 billion, which is 4.3% less than a month earlier. At the same time, Ethereum miner revenues grew by 6.2% in a month to $1.33 billion.

Ethereum miner earnings set a one-day high, skyrocketing to 95,182 ETH. This is due to a surge in activity in the DeFi sector, that is, decentralized finance.

Intense activity has led to an increase in gas fees to astronomical levels, which contributed to the growth of income for miners. On May 1, some members of the community had to pay 1,683 ETH fees for transactions for 0.002 ETH. At the rate of the largest European crypto exchange WhiteBIT, these are approximately $5.68 and $4784, respectively.

At the same time, the number of people who want to mine BTC is only growing. After the next recalculation, mining difficulty increased by 5.56%, reaching a record 27.79 trillion hashes. This leads to an increase in the labor intensity of mining the first cryptocurrency and a drop in the profitability of this process.

It should be noted that the mining difficulty is recalculated about once every two weeks. It is directly related to the hash rate - the total computing power of all the miners in the network. For the Bitcoin network, this figure has been growing almost steadily since July 2021, and it is expected that at the next recalculation, mining difficulty will exceed 30 trillion hashes for the first time in history.

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