Covid 19 virus continually go on mutating

Do you think this Covid 19 virus that's circling from person to person will continually go on mutating unless it's stopped?

It's not easily annihilated actually but instead as time passes on it's even getting stronger. It's now starting to mutate into a different form and stronger strain. Probably because we can't even see it when it's airborne that's why it lives longer and had become more resilient to the effects of sunlight or even pollution in the atmosphere.

The scenario on expediting for the absolute vaccine for the prevention of the infection had often been the highlights in the news, however no country was ever focusing on killing it instantly when it's in the atmosphere. Since it's an unseen enemy people would just wear protection devices like facemasks and face shields and if in case these viruses were present they have all the freedom to be swept by the wind or just jump from one place to another. They're not actually obliterated immediately but had all the time to migrate freely especially what had been happening in the United Kingdom where a new powerful strain of Covid 19 was found.

Probably just like other viruses that's present in the air that had survived the test of time like the common cold virus and influenza viruses, no cure will ever be found to totally obliterate this Covid 19. It will continue to linger on from generation to generation and from person to person mutating as it pleases and infecting thousands even more. Hopefully this may not continue and a sort of special insecticide or maybe a personal force field be invented in the coming years to instantly kill this micro organisms.

Let's continue to find ways to help eliminate this sort of plague so that it will not have the chance to multiply further and even destroy mankind. Thanks for taking the time to share what you think about this people.

Mike Mar

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