When you were still a baby did you possess an angelic face?

When you were still a baby did you possess an angelic face?

If you'll be asking me if I did, my answer would be a big No. Although I could only see my actual facial configuration through old photos on our family albums, the appearance was sort of that of an alien having a larger head compared to the ordinary and even having pouted lips. wheww!.. I just couldn't imagined I looked like that.. haha. :D. My uncle at that time would usually say bullying words making me hide inside my room until dawn.
After I've reached adolescent stage there were slight changes and I could already tackle those indifferences. The problem was when I had grown into a very lovable, charming, and cute guy, ladies were dying to meet me. I felt that it was already a curse. Some of the girls would even wear so sexy dresses just to catch my attention. Until one day, I felt too exhausted and desperate for always playing as a macho guy. It was hard not to have any competitors when it comes to being so handsome in school.. hahaha... Just kidding guys.. :D.

Anyway, I guess it runs true that when babies were born cute and adorable on their early years of life, their angelic faces would soon slowly disappear as they grew old. While those born without even any traces of cuddliness and adorability would soon become beautiful in the eyes of many as they'd reached adulthood.
Do you agree with this? I had been observing the life path of some cute baby celebrities before and saw that after comparing them with their present status, they've actually don't look much appealing anymore. My apologies for judging people but this is just to see that beauty indeed doesn't last long in this life. There's no forever as most people frequently. This is reality and we can never change them although we can live beautifully if we always have a loving heart, right people? What do you think about this?

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