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The Gali Result is the last ten seconds of Gali boxing which usually appears at the very end of the round. Although the boxer is out of the satta king fight, the referee may choose to end the fight as well. The Gali Result has to do with the number of unanswered punches or any strikes landed on the opponent.

The rules for scoring in Gali boxing matches are based on a simple three-box pattern called the Satta King. The first five seconds are called Satta Pong. The first two minutes are SattaKing  Kabisi. After this period, the fighting will continue with the last two minutes called Satta Kansa. This means that for every five rounds the boxing match goes on, a Satta King will be created. As soon as the round ends, the referee will call the Gali Result and the boxing match is over.

Each fighter is allowed a three minute round to work on their counterpicks or exchanges before the bell rings.  satta matka result They can also work on defense for up to ten seconds before the bell rings. It is very important for all fighters to stay out of the clinching circle during this time. A fighter is only allowed to clinch on their turn.

The main points of the Satta King include the head butt, knee strike and elbow strike. In every round, a new four-man battle will begin. kalyan matka result  The first fighter on my team tries to get an early lead by throwing an elbow or an eye strike. The other two immediately attempt to counter with a kick or a punch of their own. The referee then calls the Gali Result and the match is over.

This was a fantastic lesson in boxing. Two completely different teams that each had trained completely differently came into a fight using satta king fast completely different techniques. Both fighters kept their distance, threw hard elbows and at one point even exchanged knees. Both fighters were able to land a few blows and the match was tied up for thirty minutes. In the end, I came out the winner by a matter of three points to two.

I believe that by watching this fight on tape, I was better prepared to face my next opponent. I knew that I was going to have to trade punches in the beginning. black satta king   In boxing, it is always beneficial to know how your opponent's style works and what his possible attacks are. This way you can plan on defending yourself against his strikes.

If you've never trained in a Muay Thai ring then you might be wondering what it takes to train in just three rounds. Well, there is no "formal training" in satta king 786 Muay Thai because the rules allow it. Fighters do not have to wear any uniforms or even sparring gear. They just compete in a boxing ring. No gloves, no training partner and three rounds to get it done!

The first round went exactly as I thought it would. I landed some solid jabs to start the fight and got away with a few right hooks and right uppercuts as well. The second round was a little bit slower because I was weary from taking shots in the first round. daily result I was able to take another shot at my opponent with ease in the third round but he was able to counter with a right hook which dropped me to the mat. Gali is another solid fighter with solid striking ability, but I was able to take this fight on points after winning in the first two rounds.

After the fight was over, I asked Gali if he wanted to fight another day. He said that he did, but he wanted to test out his new knees pad. He jumped into daily result the ring and quickly started throwing his knees at my opponent, but the pad slipped down slightly and he was forced to duck down for a knee. This was not good for him and I easily stuffed him onto the mat.

I immediately grabbed the Muay Thai shoes which were sitting on the table and began to attack my opponent. I quickly put him on his back and started cracking his ribs. I then jumped onto him and began kicking his ribs until he could no longer stand. I  satta king online result slowly walked off and gathered his legs up so that he couldn't walk. I stomped my foot down hard on his shin and then started kicking again. This kept him on his back and I kept kicking his legs until he could no longer stand.

Gali was really impressed with what I did and he complimented me on the strikes and asked where I learned such techniques. The next fight I would have to win in the Philippines against another opponent and that was going to be a different story.  matka results today Gali was very respectful and said that he appreciated what I had taught him. He also told me that I was way better than him in every way. After the fight I was asked if I knew why I was able to take down Gali in the first round end the fight.


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