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The driving force behind Moncler is Ruffini, who bought the company in 2003 and transformed it from a failing French maker of functional but no - frills outdoor gear into one of the world's hottest luxury brands. The CEO took the brand upmarket, opening boutiques in places ranging from Rodeo Moncler Sale Drive in Beverly Hills to the Alpine hub of Chamonix.

From a distance, flashy skiwear brand Moncler's latest partnership under its collaborative Genius label - with Matthew Williams's tech - y, high fashion 1017 Alyx 9SM - seems an unlikely fit. What do candy - colored alpine puffers have in common with dystopian chest rigs But from the moment the two first showed off their collection, last February in Milan, it was clear that the two labels were in fact perfect for each other: Williams is a technical innovator, and a sustainability trailblazer.

I think that's what I search for. Moncler Outlet When I meet someone for the first time, I'm looking and learning, trying to provoke, and trying to encourage a beautiful expression or reaction.

For labels that have made their name in a niche and since perfected it, one of the biggest struggles can be breaking Moncler Jackets Outlet from the self - imposed mold. That's when a sub - brand comes in useful.

Black and white to me, is another medium. It's not a choice between color or black - and - white. That context immediately helped the eye process these fun, freakily strange - looking pieces, which when put together for this lookbook sometimes had a cutely kaiju monstrosity to them. The invertebrate gloopiness of his shapes, the super - perforated Swiss - cheesiness of some of the garments, and the swooshy seagrass shagginess of his faux fur boots resembled alien survival gear, or outfits for an Arctic Circle rave.

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