Intellectual Property laws

CAMFECT strives to uphold intellectual property laws to protect the rights of the material’s creators. You are not allowed to post content or material that violates intellectual property laws, including work that is copy written or trademarked.

What are copyrights and trademarks?

A copyright is a legal right that protects the work of a creator. It is used to protect original words or images, like in a book for a film. A copyright does not protect facts or ideas, unless they are used to describe an original idea. Names, titles, and slogans cannot be copyrighted, but they can betrademarked,which is another form of a legal right that helps to distinguish one company’s product of service from that of others. This helps to clear up confusion for the customers and to help the company retain its own image.

If someone is infringing upon your copyright or trademark, here are some steps you can take to remedy the situation:

  • Contact the person who posted the content directly.This is the most direct route to getting the situation fixed quickly, especially if the person is unaware of the infringement.
  • Contacting CAMFECT.If you do not want to confront the infringing party directly, or you have and they did not reply or refused to comply, you may contact us for help. We will contact the accused party directly. If they do not comply with us, their account may be suspended or deleted.
  • Contact an attorney.If you decide to take this step, you must go through the process on your own without our help. CAMFECTwill not be responsible for any fees or costs incurred, nor can we be held responsible for the infringement taking place on our servers.

Only the copyright owner or an authorized party has a right to filed infringement charges or reports. If you see infringement against someone else, you can contact the material owner and let them know.

When filing an infringement report with us, your name, email address, and the details of the report will be made available to the person whom you are claiming against.

Unacceptable content

The following are a list of things that will not be tolerate on CAMFECT. These forms of behavior and posts are unacceptable and can lead to account suspension or deletion.

Hate Speech

CAMFECT does not allow any forms of hate speech on our servers, or any form of speech that creates a hostile, intimidating environment.

Hate speech can be classified as directly attacking others bases on race, gender, religion, political affiliations, sexual preferences, or disabilities. Anyone engaging in hate speech on our servers is liable to have their account suspended or deleted without notice.

Violence and Graphic Content rules

CAMFECT reserves the right to delete any posts regarding violence or graphic content as it can be upsetting to our users. Some content may be allowed if it raises awareness or for other valid reasons.

Sexual Content

We do not allow images of nudity or sexual activity to be displayed on our servers. Some of our users find these images distasteful, and some of our users are under 18. To accommodate these users, any sexually graphic or explicit content will be removed immediately.

We also reserve the right to restrict sexual language as it may encourage sexual solicitation and sexual interaction with minors. If users would like to engage in sexual conversations, they may do it privately but not on our servers.


CAMFECT will not tolerate any posts or messages that are cruel, insensitive, or harassing that may cause physical or emotional harm. We encourage all of our users to be respectful of themselves and others. If a user becomes verbally abusive, please report them and we will take the proper action.

User Requests

All users of CAMFECThave the right to:

  • Request their account be removed
  • Request the removal of the account of a deceased or otherwise incapacitated family member, if you can prove that you are authorized to make such decisions
  • Request for account information to be changed or deleted as needed
  • Request for removal of the accounts of under-aged users
  • Images or content showing or eluding to child abuse

More Terms and Conditions

The terms in this contract are between you, the individual user, and CAMFECTand they are to help govern your use of our services. The clauses in this contract are the only ones enforceable, regardless of any other agreements made prior.

Some of the products that go with our service have additional terms and conditions. If you chose to use those products, you will be liable to observe those terms as well as these.

If at any time any of these terms are deemed null and void, you will no longer be expected to follow those particular rules, but the rest of the terms in this contract are still in full effect. If for any reason CAMFECTdoes not enforce our own rules, they will not be considered waived. Changes or amendments to these terms will be at our sole discretion.

You do not have the authority to transfer any of your privileges or obligations to another person without our prior consent.

A designated person, referred to as a legacy contact, may be appointed to manage your account if it becomes memorialized. This person must be clearly designated in a will or other official document. They alone will have the rights to have access or make changes to your account.

The terms and conditions in this contract are not affiliated with any third-parties but we reserve the right to transfer these terms in the event of an acquisition, merger, or sale to another entity.

CAMFECT reserves the right to make changes to your user name in the event of someone else claiming that user name, or if the user name is deemed false or inappropriate. We welcome your feedback regarding products and services that may make CAMFECTmore attractive to its users or suggestions on how to make interfacing with our services more user-friendly. You agree that you offer these suggestions freely, and if any are used you are not entitled to compensation or recognition.

CAMFECT reserves the right to suspend or remove your account without notice for any reason that we feel it will have negative impact to our business, user, or others.